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We invite you to experience the richest Gourmet Premium Coffee that you have ever tasted.  With a team of experts overseeing the process of growth, harvest, roasting and packaging of the hand-picked coffee beans going in the Jazz Hamilton Gourmet Premium Café, this coffee appeals to the connoisseur of coffee drinkers ~ and we are honored and take pride in bringing the coffee-growing tradition of the ultimate quality, exceptional flavor, and inviting aroma of our Grade-A coffee bean to you. We concentrate in selecting the best bean, reaping and harvesting under the most strict and natural environmental friendly conditions.  Our coffee bean is roasted at exact precision and packaged with the highest quality control demands to preserve intact its flavor, texture, density, aroma and purity of the bean.


Coffee has been my faithful companion during my career traveling the globe performing in every array of arenas, opera houses, concerto performing art centers, jazz clubs and auditoriums. To me, as music is the universal language of the world ~ marking a special occasion or moment in one’s life, an aromatic gourmet cup of coffee is the compass when reminiscing those special moments in life. Growing up in my native Puerto Rico, I recall my grandmother serving me every morning, at an early age, a cup of “café con leche” with a piece of “pan tostado con mantequilla” for breakfast before heading out to school.  A cup of coffee became my best buddy when I needed to study a new sonata, when I needed to spend countless hours in the recording studio composing a new Jazz tune or arranging a classical concerto. There are moments in life that you remember by relating to a scent, or perhaps a location. I found myself relating those moments by the aroma of my coffee. Our commitment is to give back to our community, we donate a portion of the proceeds from sales to orphanages around the world.  So everytime you drink a cup of Jazz Hamilton Premium Gourmet Coffee, you help bring hope to a little heart.  Together we can make a difference, one cup-of-coffee at a time… Shop, Drink and Donate!









Jazz Blend Symphony Harmonic mixture and flavor of our 100% Arabica Premium coffee bean, perfectly roasted yielding to the sensibility, imagination and the nobility of the coffee as a complete artistic creation. A true work of art!







Jazz Espresso Concerto Aroma and flavor from the start.  Start your day and live your moments with an espresso cup of coffee ~ a perfect roast, rich and smooth blend surely to captivate your taste buds and stimulate your senses.  Premium Grade-A coffee bean with a texture and after taste without comparison.







Jazz Decaf Rhapsody Using only purified water to submerge our Premium Grade-A coffee bean, we adhere to the most natural methods to decaffeinate our product. This ensures that the quality, rich flavor, the body and density and texture of our selection for Jazz Hamilton Premium Coffee superior bean is maintained unaltered.







Strawberry Amaretto Sonata Rich and delicious blend of our Premium Grade-A coffee bean selection bathed in the natural fruity extract of the highest quality strawberries, with a touch of almond, and of premium Amaretto Liquor directly from Italy.  Our unique blend of Strawberry Amaretto Sonata coffee — aromatic sweetness in every cup that will seduce your five senses!






Butter Nut Rum-ba Perfect exotic blend of our Premium Grade-A coffee bean with the creamy-sweet texture and flavor that imparts the juice or extract of butternut, mixed with a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, a few drops of caramel, a touch of Anisette liqueur directly from Spain and a touch of Ron de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rican Rum). Very creamy and stimulant flavor.  Dare to lose your control with our Butter Nut Rum-ba!!






Chocolate Raspberry Bolero The aphrodisiac blend of our Premium Grade-A coffee bean with the best quality Cacao (in a rich and thick chocolate sauce), delicious premium raspberries, and our own house-secret natural ingredient to add the creamy flavor, the density of sweet chocolate, and the incomparable aroma of raspberries submerged in a rich splendor of chocolate. Go ahead, stimulate your smell and your sense of seduction with a cup of our unique Chocolate-Raspberry Bolero.





Fruit Blend Samba Refreshing blend of our Premium Grade-A coffee bean with the extracts of 100% top quality natural fruits such as orange, peach, cranberry, pineapple and our own house-secret natural ingredient to give it the subtle creamy-sweet texture and flavor preserving the purity of the blend. Creamy experience of delicious natural flavors that will give your taste buds a refreshing tropical spark in an exquisite aroma and flavor.


Let  me entice your taste buds with my CLASSIC DISTINCTIVE or my EXOTIC FLAVORED Gourmet Coffee Collections.  Tease your palate with the tangy flavors of my Fruit Blend Samba.  Relax you with my own Jazz Blend Symphony or perhaps my Jazz Decaf Rhapsody blend. Spice your romantic encounter with the sweetness and erotic flavor of my own Chocolate-Raspberry Bolero blend.  Dare you to taste the rich gourmet flavor of my Jazz Espresso Concerto.   Invite you to live your moments in time over a cup of my eccentric Strawberry Amaretto Sonata, and, to mark your reflection time with the caramel, cinnamon blend of my Butter Nut Rum-ba~ with just a hint of Anisette liqueur and a touch of Ron de Puerto Rico(Puerto Rican Rum) in every cup.

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