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As an artist Jazz Hamilton is well known to be always exploring and testing the limits of the saxophone capabilities and making very intricate music compositions sound simple and cohesive. During his career he was always looking for the perfect instrument and discovered that there was not a saxophone that offers everything a performer needs.

Jazz Hamilton design his professional saxophones with the ultimate goal of providing the player with an extension of the body and musical soul, allowing you the artist to create your own distinctive sound I.D., while enhancing your ability to play with the most subtle nuances in the full range of the instrument. The altissimo register embraces the sound and intonation in ways never attained before. Each Revolution 65 Series saxophone is 100% handcrafted making each horn a truly work of art. The materials are personally hand selected by Jazz Hamilton, to allow the master craftsman the opportunity to deliver Jazz’s vision.


French Brass, German Blue Steel needle springs, Italian leather pads with metal resonators and stainless steel screws are just some of the features of this magnificent creation. Hand hammered bell and body are accompanied by the hand welding in every single area of the horn. Full rib construction, posts, keys and every tone hole are also made by hand. To this you add the hand bent “Reaction” brass neck pipe (available on the alto, tenor, baritone and curved soprano saxophones) and you have the perfect set up for any playing situation. The Reaction neck has the fastest response of air to note you have ever experienced. Staccato, double and triple staccato are easier to achieve with the Reaction neck due to the original design and construction materials.image002 A hand carved ebony mouthpiece and ligature both design by Jazz Hamilton can be purchase separately as an accessory  for all Revolution 65 Saxophones. This piece gives you the ability to have a beautiful warm dark projecting sound without losing the body and easy response on the full range of the instrument including the altissimo. Your sound will fill any arena, theater or concert hall with this custom set up. The mouthpiece is especially design for the classical repertoire and for situations where you will be the center stage. Jazz Hamilton Revolution 65 Saxophones are available in Gold Plated, Silver Plated, Glass Brushed Gold Plated, Glass Brushed Silver Plated and Raw Finish only, and the materials and finishes are chosen by him for the projection, timbre, beauty and durability properties. No other finishes are available to keep the integrity of his design intact.

To remove any impurities and enhance the beauty of the instrument, a hand buffered polishing job with clay and a cotton wheel spinning at precisely 1000 RPM is the final step, thus giving every saxophone a unique custom finish look for years to come.


Dare to play in a musical world where the limits are not set by your instrument but by your imagination. Where the intonation problems are a thing of the past, where the warm sound is even in the full range of the instrument and the note response is instantly obtained with a masterpiece that reveals the way you sound. Play without fear, play without limits, feeling each note the way it was meant to be.

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Revolution 65


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